Vilius 'Vilo' Jokubaitis

I am  an audio engineer and sonic artist interested in experimental ways of music-making and unconventional production techniques. I currently works as the Head Campus Support Technician at SAE Institute and hold a Master's degree in Sound Design and Audiovisual Practice from University of Glasgow where I focused on experimental surround sound composition.  My friends call me Vilo.”

Musicians Playing on "Bifurcation"

Alison Beattie

Jack of several instruments, master of none, I love to play any genre in as many bands and orchestras as time allows. Not usually a solo performer I feature on my debut album "Bifurcation" on my first instrument, alto saxophone.”

Karen Clayton

Playing from the age of seven I've had the pleasure of exploring Baroque to 'Bang-up-to-date' and I love contributing to Alison's compositions. Always interesting! Always challenging! Where else are you asked to re-create the sound of a bee swarm or a glint of sunlight?”

Jane MacDiarmid

The cello was my mid-life project - I took it up fifteen years ago after my husband made me a cello. Now I find it hard to imagine life without playing the cello -I just love making music, be it Bach to Boccherini to Beattie. ”

Cameron McCulloch

I love to play all the Clarinets, the bigger and deeper the better. I also play sax. Available for weddings, bar mitzvahs etc, I'll play in any genre.”

Steven Millar

Richard Mulhearn

Jinky Bryden

Live Performers

Michelle McCabe

Jan Winder