Misty Mire

Misty Mire - Available for Sax Ensemble or Wind Ensemble https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oRrJisaM68&t=31s

Bifurcation of Nature

Bifurcation of Nature - A four movement composition for 6 horns and 6 cellos plus 5.1 surround sound backing (laptop). This piece requires advanced players and is virtuosic in some places. This 90 page score plus parts can be found in the store.

Movement 1 - Swallowtail - Backing track for Windows on the World below

Movement 2 - Rayleigh Scattering

Movement 3 - Butterfly - Recording with sax substitute below.

Movement 4 - Smiles and Teardrops - Excerpt below.

Angle to the Sun

Alban's Lullaby

What Next?

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